changing, our world, ourselves

background & scope of work

The u2ufoundation was formed in early 2009 and registered as a NPO in November later that year.

We seek to nurture and promote transformational initiatives that unlock personal awakening for a sustainable and just world.

We do this through various initiatives, building partnerships with organisations in the field, networking with people and groups and through hosting events and productions.

Presently we offer the following:

  • Service Internships in South Africa. We offer foreign students the opportunity to experience service internships in South Africa. We understand a ‘service internship’ to be a mixture of academic and community work in which students complete both accredited classes and complete an internship within a community-based organisation
  • Community Building Workshops (run in conjunction with Symphonia). With social cohesion high on the national agenda, these workshops create opportunities for citizens to discover powerful ways of connecting across divisive boundaries, strengthening the fabric of South African society
  • Journey’s of Change. Using Africa’s natural beauty and intricate mythology as the springboard for a unique transformation journey, learning is facilitated through the presentation of an experience-based curriculum that encourages participants to make their own emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual journey of transformation. We use locations throughout southern Africa, but especially wilderness sites in South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique.
  • U2U Leadership Development & Training. We offer our  ‘Leading from U2U Programme’ designed to unlock personal creative leadership skills and enhance leadership’s capacity to act courageously and in the common interest

For more information please click on the subject tabs at the top of the Home Page or contact Chris Ahrends on 082 902 4194 or email Chris on chris@u2ufoundation.org

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