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community building workshops

Our Community Building Workshops are run in conjunction with Symphonia.

What is community building?

  • Igniting Citizenship
  • Building Trust & Social Cohesion
  • Seeing Possibility Empowering Engagement
  • Strengthening the Fabric of Society

“Community building is a whole paradigm shift – not just window dressing.”
Mariette Snyman, Journalist

Why is community building important?
With social cohesion high on the national agenda, these workshops create opportunities for South Africans to discover powerful ways of connecting across divisive boundaries, strengthening the fabric of South African society.

The Community Building Sessions are based on the methodology and
work of best-selling author Peter Block known internationally for his work on empowerment and citizenship. His two latest books, “Community: The Structure of Belonging” and “Abundant Community” will be sold at each session.

“Most sustainable improvements in community occur when citizens
discover their own power to act…when they stop waiting for the professionals
or elected leadership to do something, and decide they canreclaim what they have delegated to others.” Peter Block “Community: The Structure of Belonging.”

What will you learn at a Community Building Workshop?

  • Turn your company into a community
  • Create a sense of community and belonging in an organisation
  • Engage existing communities through conversation and powerful questions
  • Become a community leader in order to engage the school community
  • Build community in government
  • Strengthen the fabric of society.

Who should attend a Community Building Workshop?

  • Business leaders from Corporates and SMEs
  • NGOs, NPOs, community leaders and activists
  • Government officials and leaders
  • School principals, teachers and religious leaders
  • Students and academics.

What can you expect at a Community Building Workshop?

  • To learn and experience a practical, profound and creative methodology
  • To meet and connect with diverse individuals
  • To participate in and learn from powerful community building conversations
  • To hear from and engage with people and groups that are actively building community
  • To be challenged and inspired to “walk together” and contribute as citizens

What will a Community Building Workshop cost?

Corporate and SME                R1,600.00

Early Bird* Discount             R1,350.00

NPO                                      R    950.00

NPO Early Bird* Discount  R     800.00

*For bookings made and paid for 1 month in advance

Future Community Building Workshops

Dates: Mon, 20 and Tues, 21 February 2012
Venue TBC (between Northern & Southern suburbs)
Dates: Thurs, 1 and Fri, 2 March 2012
Venue TBC (Stellenbosch, Somerset West area)
Dates: Thurs, 15 and Fri, 16 March 2012
Venue TBC (DuNoone area)

Dates: Thurs, 23 and Fri, 24 Feb 2012
Venue: All Saints Anglican Church,
Kengies, Fourways
Registration: 08:30 – 09:00
Session: 09:00 – 17:00

Dates: Thurs, 8 and Fri, 9 March 2012
Venue: TBC

Dates: Thurs, 24 and Fri, 25 May 2012
Venue: Saints Hospitality Centre


Contact Johleen on 021 913 3507 or johleen@symphonia.net to book.For more info contact James on 084 824 6832 or schools@symphonia.net

Comments from attendees of previous workshops:

“Oliver Wendell Holmes once said that many people die
with their music still in them. This workshop provided us with the
opportunity to discover that each of us has unique music within us
and when we share our ‘inner harmonies’, we create a remarkable
and energising “Symphonia” – a new song for creative and
inspired living. The workshop creates a special place for South
Africans to come together – to reflect earnestly on the challenges
we face, but to discover that within us lie all the gifts and
resources required to create a country and a world we will be
proud to leave to our children. The 6 Conversations in Community
Building is ‘hope in action’ – real stuff for real people who make a
Chris Ahrends, Social Entrepreneur

“The two days of community building at idyllic Schoenstadt in
Cape Town was an experience and celebration of the power of
possibility. A magical, safe space was created where ordinary
citizens – young and not so young and from multicultural
backgrounds – were invited to open their hearts, minds and
souls to one other, and in so doing became the catalyst for
extraordinary happenings. I have incredible hope for our future as
South Africans and people of the Earth.”
Roger Arendse, Coach, Facilitator & Educator

“It will be a total waste if someone misses the opportunity of being
exposed to the effective methodology used within your workshop.
“Changing the world one room at a time” is a true reflection of
what this workshop achieves at the end of these two days! This
is so needed in our country. Making a conscious decision to be a
citizen as opposed to a consumer is a thought that you placed in
each of our hearts – it speaks for itself.
If each participant could find it in their heart to talk about their
experience to the loved ones surrounding them, it will already
have an enormous effect in enhancing the positive change in our
country – and wouldn’t we all love to see this materialise.
After all – during these two days one realises that total strangers
become real friends to you – people with the same wishes, dreams
and aspirations for our children, for one another, for ourselves
and for our country. The kind of experiences during the workshop
makes it “real” for us and one understand from scratch why we
live and would die for South Africa – it is OUR land and we love it so much.” René Wright, Sanlam

‘The Community Building workshop I attended last week was a
really amazing event. About 90 people entered a room as
strangers and within the first day they had already become
friends, united by the same objective – to make South Africa the
great country that we all know it can be.
The air was filled with possibilities for the future that were inspiring
– a safe country for all, a place where the children can be free to
develop their full potential, a place where all children will be loved.
There were many people who would never have crossed each
other’s paths outside that space and it was incredible how they
came together sharing openly and honestly with each other. There
was the opportunity to identify our shared humanity and desires
for the future and also to celebrate our own uniqueness, with each
person being able to identify their own gifts.
All of this is a place of music, song and poetry – it spoke to the
heart of all the individuals and really refreshed our spirits. I know
from the people that I shared time with in those two days that we
all felt energised and excited about the future and ready to take
on the work of citizens for our country.’
Veronica Wantenaar, Learning Process Facilitator

“I was absolutely blown away by the many people doing such
good work in the community. I really felt so proud to be a South
African. It is so sad that the media’s focus is on all the doom and
gloom. There is so much good to report and would it not be great
if they can find a balance in the reporting they do.
I have made a few promises to myself to take what I’ve learnt
into the various “rooms” I find myself in and also to give back
more than I have been. I realised how wealthy I am with all my
blessings which I sometimes take for granted.”
Mercia Rinquist, Eerste Rivier Hospital

“I don’t know how to describe my experience in words…. It was 2
days of a ‘perfect world’….a safe space where each person shared
and meditated upon the fact that together we are ONE… one in
joy, peace and love… that it is possible to live a beautiful life on
this earth if we realise that we all have the same needs, overcame
same challenges and by sharing our “wealth” (knowledge, skills,
money, experiences, etc) we can help each other to live a life of
abundance and unity.”
Diana Toros, Western Cape Education Department

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