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journey’s of change

Journey’s of Change.

Why the journey anyway?

There could be many reasons:

  • Thirst for spiritual guidance – dependency, erosion of optimism, impaired problem-solving, a “wilderness of sorts”
  • Young distrust the future, feel pessimistic about their careers and financial well-being, suicide increasing
  • Gang leaders destroying whole neighbourhoods
  • Today’s relationships involve ever-widening, impersonal circles. Computers, digital telecommunication systems & global linkages
  • Move to wholeness and authenticity – learn how to be, live, work, or grow
  • Become contributors within our community
  • Self governance / leadership – internal compass
  • Discover what is unique about our calling in life and encourage us to pursue it
  • Be faithful to constant set of values, people – empathetic and non-judgemental, authentic
  • Give life to spiritual intelligence
  • Need to mobilize others around a shared vision
  • Self-actualizing adults – superior perception of reality, increased acceptance of self, others & nature, increased spontaneity and solution orientation (as opposed to being problem centered), increased detachment and autonomy (greater resistance to the opinion of others), democratic character structure (improved personal relationships, increased identification with human species)
  • What must I do to honour the life I’ve been given?

Some key questions to be asking:

  • What’s worth doing with the balance of my time on earth?
  • In twenty-five words or less, what’s my interpersonal vision or philosophy?
  • In practical terms, how do I put teeth into that vision?
  • What’s the legacy of my leadership to successive generations?

‘Theory W’ Transformation Workshops, Courses & Retreats. These workshops, retreats and courses are designed to bring fresh insights into how we see the world and answer the challenges facing us as individuals, groups, teams and communities

Spiritual Tourism. UsingAfrica’s natural beauty and intricate mythology as the springboard for a unique transformation journey, learning is facilitated through the presentation of an experience-based curriculum that encourages participants to make their own emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual journey of transformation. We use locations throughout southern Africa, but especially wilderness sites in South Africa,Namibia,Zambia,Zimbabwe,Zambia and Mozambique.

We offer softly-led, African inspired transformational journeys in which people are touched by Africa’s stories, melodies, insights, rites of passage and majestic vistas. At the core of our offering is a curriculum that provides a framework for a journey of transformation.

The curriculum brings together insights from the worlds of psychology, theology, ontology and social anthropology, blending these with an understanding of ubuntu, the African conception of our delicate human interdependency.

U2U Leadership Development & Training. We offer our ‘Leading from U2U Programme’ designed to unlock personal creative leadership skills and enhance leadership’s capacity to act courageously and in the common interest

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